Basic Swedish Massage
Relieves muscular tension and soothes muscle aches. Uses broad and long strokes, gentle stretches and resistance therapy and compression to improve blood and lymph circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Similar to Swedish massage, but deeper pressure. Beneficial in releasing chronic tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Children’s Massage
Basic massage techniques for children of all ages, from infant to teenager.

Craniosacral Therapy
head massageA holistic healing practice that uses light touch and gentle traction to balance the Craniosacral system in the body, which involves nerves, connective tissues and fluids of the cranium and spinal area. Facilitates healing on many levels, including the emotional body.

Energy Work
Various techniques that originate from ancient traditions that are used to balance life-force energy known as Chi.

Hot Stone Massage
imagesThe use of hot stones, which are grounding and soothing, as well as facilitate circulation and assist massage strokes.

Jin Shin Do
Uses verbal guidance, assisted stretching in a fully-clothed massage. The major goal is to release chronic tension, referred to as “armoring”, and to rebalance energy flow based on the concept of Chi.

Pre- and Post-Natal Massage
Massage specifically designed to address the discomforts and restrictions of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, including addressing issues some women have while nursing.

reflexologyRelieving pain by stimulating pre-defined pressure points on the hands and feet.

Addresses body, mind and spirit with the ‘laying of hands.’ Reiki, which means ‘spiritually-guided life force energy,’ promotes healing, stress-reduction and relaxation. Works with the chakra system to unblock congested chi.

Shiatsu Acupressure
Treatment of various symptoms and balancing of Chi, by applying finger pressure to specific points on energy pathways, or ‘Meridians’ in the body.

Somatic Release
Facilitates the release of emotions or trauma that sometimes get ‘trapped’ in the body and manifest as physical and/or emotional symptoms. Addresses the theory of ‘muscle memory,’ in which the body may hold a memory of a trauma.

Trigger-point Release
Trigger points are sensitive, hyper-irritable areas in muscles, which in time extend to related muscles, creating an overall sense of limited range of motion, pain and tightness in a specific area. TPR techniques are employed to release the trigger point and end the cycle of pain.

2022 Price List (as of 6/1/22)

60-minute office visit: $135; initial consultation (first visit): $145

60-minute Reiki Session: $140; initial consultation: $150

90-minute office visit: $170

With aromatherapy: $20

Hot Stone Massage: (60 minutes) $190

60-minute house call: $200 (limited distance)

90-minute house call: $280 (limited distance)

Massage/Reiki session with Somatic Release: (60 minutes) $145

Discounted Packages are available at different times of the year; please inquire.