Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Published Author.

This past summer I rekindled an old love of writing.

In a previous career-life, I was a writer. I started out at a community newspaper in Port Chester, NY and covered all things small town, from school board meetings to fire fighting service controversies. I then began writing for an alternative arts weekly, which allowed me to write about whatever interested me: restaurant reviews, features, film and book reviews and alternative health. From there, I made the leap to the field of Alternative Medicine and decided to go to Massage School. I am now revisiting this career of my past. This summer I wrote an article about Reiki in three publications. Please click the link to just one of the published sites below to read the article.

I am grateful to have the ability and what feels like an innate talent, to write about various subject matter. For those of you who already know me, I am an avid gardener, nature lover and cook, fond of simple, wholesome and local ingredients. I find that an essential aspect of my self-care is having the chance to commune regularly with nature. Lately I have been struck by the changing light of the season that is almost upon us, the way the bees are working feverishly on the mint blossoms outside my kitchen window, sensing their deadline, the changing calls of birds as summer yields to fall, and the melancholic voice of katydids and crickets. We move from Yang energy to Yin energy, beginning to draw inward, harvest, collect, store, honoring our body’s call to slow down.



Going forward I will be posting (regularly) on various subjects in the healing arts but don’t be surprised if I throw in a recipe here and there, mention the wily antics of my four cats or discuss the environment. Perhaps I will talk about a place I have visited that has brought me peace and a sense of calm–a place you may wish to visit. After all, our collective journey toward self-care, healing and wellbeing doesn’t stop at massage therapy. Healing ourselves, each other and the environment heals the entire world.

As always, I welcome your feedback and will gladly answer any questions.

With Gratitude,

Paths to Self-Care

Summer in the garden

Summer in the garden

Paths to Self-Care…a new blog from Balance Bodywork

Hello Friends,
I would like to introduce my brand-new, interactive website for Balance Bodywork Therapeutic Massage. A lot has happened since the launch of my first website seven years ago, including the completion of my Reiki Mastership. During the year-long course of study with my Reiki Master and Teacher, Ginny Mackles, I expanded my knowledge on how best to serve my clients in empowering their healing. I am very grateful for the opportunity, which ensued after some life-changing experiences of my own.

Please check back here often. I have always been a writer in some capacity and am overjoyed to have the chance to do what I love most here: write about massage, Reiki and other ways we can honor our mind-body-spirit connection and the connection of others.

In the meantime, please check out my most recent article in the June 2014 edition of Yoga Magazine: The Gentle and Healing Power of Reiki.

I welcome comments about my site and services and would like to encourage a community of global wellness, healing and harmony.

With Gratitude,